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USVINData.com was built on the idea that Americans are too often getting ripped off when they buy a used car. We knew all the information was out there about all vehicles – but the public doesn't know how to access it and that even if they did it would take them a long time – particularly if they are trying to choose between different vehicles.

We started off offering people a VIN check. This allows people to quickly and easily find out basic information about that car or truck. Then we gain access to all government and private databases about the cars and trucks being sold in the US market. We created a search system that combines all of the information we found and then collates it into a report that is easy for anyone to read and understand. This became our US vehicle report.

When you have the report in your hand, you can find out if the car or truck has been in major accidents. You can discover whether or not it has been totaled. We'll provide information about flood or fire damage. You man even discover the car or truck you are trying to buy has been reported stolen. And we'll give you an estimate about who much you should be paying for that vehicle.

All of this information is crucial for anyone buying a used car or truck. You worked hard for your money and you want to invest it well, even if it’s not a top-of-the-line car. You want a vehicle that will be around for the long haul and not break on the side of the road two months after you buy it.

That's the safety our vehicle history reports give you. You'll know exactly what you are buying and how much it should cost in the real world. There are a lot of sleazy used car salespeople out there. But armed with our information you can beat them at their own game – and end up owning a used car or truck you can be proud of.

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